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Rm tyrannosaurus


Tyrannosaurus was a large, vicious tyrannosaurid dinosaur who held the record for the largest land predator of all time for a Century until the discovery of the big allosaurids, such as Carcharodontosaurus and Giganotosaurus, in the 1990's. About 44 skeletons of T.rex are known and so the appearance of this animal is known with confidence. Its name meant Tyrant Lizard King. Tyrannosaurus stood  4-5 meters (13-16 feet) high at the head reaching up to 12.3 meters (40 feet). Tyrannosaurus could weigh 6-7 tons. It had a skull over 1.5 meters (5 feet) long. This animal was discovered, described, and named in 1905 by H. F. Osborn in the badlands of Montana.  Osborn originally distinguished two different animals - Dynamosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. He later recognized that . The megalodon can be size at that guy but more bigger than that 
Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex kills triceratops.

they were the same dinosaur in 1906. It is debatable Tyrannosaurus hunted its prey or merely scavenged. Most scientist agree that the therapod most likely was an opportunist, being able to hunt but will scavenge if necessary. It has the second most powerful jaws in the fossil record. Its main sense was smell. Its large olfactory sensors allowed it to smell something miles away, similar to modern canines. Tyrannosaurus had one of the most powerful olfactory systems ever, second only to the Turkey Vulture. The arms of Tyrannosaurus were extremely small. Their use is a mystery. Some scientist suggest that they were heavily muscled and capable of breaking bones but there is little evidence to support this. Others suggest that the arms were used to "tickle" a mate during the mating process, similar to some turtle species. It was once thought that the Tyrannosaurus had vision based on movement. This theory is based on the fact that Tyrannosaurus's brain is similar in appearance to that of frogs who do have movement based vision. However further studies have discredited this.

Tyrannosaurus is arguably the most famous dinosaur in the world. It has made many television, movie,book, and video game appearances. These include Jurassic Park and its sequels, The Land Before Time, and Dinotopia.

Statistics Edit

Rm tyrannosaurus
  • Name: Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Name Meaning: Tyrant Lizard King*
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Length: 12-17 meters long
  • Time Period: Late Cretaceous
  • Classification: Tyrannosauridae
  • Found: Alberta, Canada; Texas, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah USA
  • Describer: Barnum Brown, 1908
  • Mobility: 40 kph, only for short distance
  • Weight:more than 7,000-9545 kilograms (forelimbs 1 meter
  • Earliest find:1908

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