Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

The Spinosaurus was a large carnivore, it grew up to 50 feet long and weighed about 12 tons . The dinosaur was very heavy, so it is possible it stood on all fours to support its wieght, though its legs are strong enough to stand on two legs. It is very much possible that it was the biggest of all meat-eating dinosaurs to have walked the earth. It was named for the sail that ran down its back,and may have used it the same way the Dimetrodon did. It was a meat-eater, but the teeth is had were unfit for hunting, so it is much more likely that Spinosaurus caught fish much like a black bear, wading into a body of water, and stabbing a fish with its claws.the spinosaurus could grow up to 20 feet tall.he lived in prehistoric africa he shares the same habitat with Suchomimus terensis and Carcharodontosaurus saharicus new author ruben fan. most of the stuff is on[talk] that i write about spinosaurus. spinosaurus was a very primtive crocodilian its  in the family of spinosauridae the first mesoeucrocodylia a modern crocodilian ancestor the advance dinosaur.  it has a death roll system  the  death roll system was before quadrupedal  mesoeucrocodylia. 


The Spinosaurus walking around the river bank

Behavior Edit

spinosaurus was a fish eater and also ate spends it's time near the water and land. he can eat medium sized dinosaurs since he has hollow teeth he isn't built for killing large dinosaurs like carcharodontosaurus.he doesnt have serrated teeth his favored prey is ouronasaurus and its big deep eyes tell its bahavior

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