== Nanotyrannus==
Nanotyrannus lancensis
Nanotyrannus was believed to hunt baby t-rex.He would wait till the adults were gone and kill them,simply getting rid of competition (ex. once the t-rex's parents die the baby can't grow into a adult because a Nanotyrannus killed that baby and Nanotyrannus would find easier prey). Scientists once thought nanotyrannus was a baby t-rex then realized it's arms were to long and wasn't as bulky, Nanotyrannus had 18 Teeths and t-rex had 16. Nanotyrannus would Never Fight with any adult, he only Waits until the Patents go and Hunt. Nanotyrannus Looks like a t-rex but much smaller and faster, People say that Nanotyrannus is a baby t-rex but Nanotyrannus is it Own Kind, some People say that Nanotyrannus is a tyrannosaurid maybe its is One Or it is its Own Kind.
Nanotyrannus's Teeths

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