[Triassic,Jurassic,Cretaceous,Paleocene,Eocene,Pleistocene] The dinosaurs have been on this planet for 251- 65 million years ago.Over 251 million years ago in the Triassic the dinosaurs saw a sandy land that had some plants on some sides of the super continent.Before the dinosaurs of the Triassic evolved the dinosaurs were thought to only eat meat.It was only a few million years later that the dinosaurs were going extinct and the period was going to change the history of earth.In the Jurassic the dinosaurs that were plant-eaters evolved into huge giant plant-eaters.At the time the giant plant-eating sauropods such as Stegosaurus a dinosaur that had plates on its back,the [Fact:The plates on the back of a stegosaurus were used to keep the 3 in a half tall cold blooded reptile to help it stay safe by rushing blood to the plates and sends a warning to the predator that if the predator doesn't stay away the stegosaurus will attack so if the predator doesn't back off the stegosaurus will swing its tail and will or wont damage the predator or kill the predator.] the Stegosaurus had spikes on the end of its tail to protect its young from meat-eating dinosaurs [Fact:stegosaurus was a dinosaur that belonged to a group of other dinosaurs of its kind.After the extinction of the Jurassic dinosaurs the Cretaceous dinosaurs took earth over for 146-65 million years ago though that period was the last time the dinosaurs would be on earth until the extinction of the dinosaurs the dinosaurs were more bigger like Tyrannosaurus Rex.Tyrannosaurus Rex was 5 in a half feet and was 13.4 feet long.At the end of the Cretaceous period the mammals that survived the impact and extinction of the dinosaurs.In the Paleocene to the Eocene over 65-35 million years ago in the Cenozoic era.There were all sorts of mammal species.During the Eocene mammals like prehistoric rhinos and other mammals that may or may have not went extinct [Fact:The mammals and flightless birds are all the species of to days mammals and other birds that can or can't fly like the modern day ostrich.During the Pleistocene some of the mammals got stuck in tar.After a few thousand years later the mammals saw a new kind of species of mammals [primates].Primates are what modern humans are or what you and me are.the human that first was on earth until the evolution of humans,we are the reason some species are extincted or are almost are extinct.

written by.Noah.Scott.Parham

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Dinosaurs in their time. It's known now that there aren't as much grass in their actual time, though.