An artist's rendition of a Bluebuck.

The Bluebuck, or blue antelope, sometiemes called blaubok, is an extinct species of antelope, the first large African mammal to disappear in history times. It is related to the roan antelope and sable antelope, but slightly smaller than either. It lived in the southwestern coastal region of Sout Africa savannahhs, but was more widespread during the last glacial period. It was probably a selective feeder, preferring high-quality grasses. Europeans encountered the bluebuck in the 17th century, but it was already uncommon by then. European settlers hunted it avidly, despite its flesh being distasteful, while converting its habitat into agriculture. The bluebuck became extinct around 1800. Only four mounted specimens remain, in museums in Vienna, Stockholm, Paris, and Leiden, along with some bones and horns elsewhere. None of the museum specimens show a blue colour, which may have derived from a mixture of black and yelow hairs.

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